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STM32 Internship

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ESP32 Internship

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Arduino Internship

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Arduino – 30 Days – Course Curriculum

Week 1: Basic Arduino Concepts and Projects

Day 1-3: Introduction to Arduino

Day 1:
Overview of Arduino and its components.
Setting up the Arduino IDE.
Writing and uploading your first “Hello, World!” program.

Day 2:

Understanding the basics of Arduino programming (syntax, variables, data types).
Exploring the Serial Monitor for debugging.

Day 3:

Introduction to digital and analog signals.
Blinking an LED: Your first physical project.

Day 4-7: Sensors and Input Devices

Day 4:

Introduction to sensors.
Reading data from a push button.

Day 5:

Working with potentiometers for analog input.
Adjusting LED brightness using a potentiometer.

Day 6:

Understanding and using photoresistors (LDRs).
Building a simple light-sensitive project.

Day 7:

Introduction to temperature sensors (e.g., LM35).
Displaying temperature readings on the Serial Monitor.
Week 2: Intermediate Arduino Concepts and Projects

Day 8-10: Display Technologies

Day 8:

Introduction to character LCDs.
Displaying custom messages on an LCD.

Day 9:

Working with 7-segment displays.
Creating a simple countdown timer.

Day 10:

Introduction to OLED displays.
Displaying sensor data on an OLED.

Day 11-14: Communication Protocols

Day 11:

Basics of serial communication.
Creating a simple data logger.

Day 12:

Introduction to I2C communication.
Connecting and working with I2C devices.

Day 13:

Basics of SPI communication.
Connecting and controlling SPI devices.

Day 14:

Wireless communication with Bluetooth.
Building a basic Bluetooth-controlled project.
Week 3: Advanced Arduino Concepts and Projects

Day 15-17: Advanced Sensors and Actuators

Day 15:

Introduction to ultrasonic sensors.
Building a distance measuring device.

Day 16:

Exploring accelerometers and gyroscopes.
Creating a simple motion-controlled project.

Day 17:

Using RFID modules for identification.
Building an RFID door lock system.

Day 18-21: Internet of Things (IoT) with Arduino

Day 18:

Introduction to IoT and Wi-Fi modules.
Connecting Arduino to the internet.

Day 19:

Sending sensor data to a cloud platform (e.g., ThingSpeak).
Building a simple IoT weather station.

Day 20:

Controlling Arduino remotely via Blynk app.
Building a mobile-controlled project.

Day 21:

Building a simple MQTT-based home automation system.
Week 4: Capstone Projects and Advanced Topics

Day 22-25: Robotics with Arduino

Day 22:

Introduction to servo motors.
Building a basic robotic arm.

Day 23:

Basics of motor control with DC motors.
Building a line-following robot.

Day 24:

Introduction to stepper motors.
Building a simple CNC machine.

Day 25:

Capstone Project: Designing and programming a multi-sensor robot.

Day 26-28: Advanced Programming Techniques

Day 26:

Introduction to interrupts.
Using interrupts for precise timing.

Day 27:

Exploring PROGMEM and PROGMEM techniques for memory optimization.
Building a data-logging project with optimized memory usage.

Day 28:

Understanding and implementing finite state machines.
Building a complex project using state machines.

Day 29-30: Open-ended Project and Review

Day 29:

Choose an open-ended project based on your interests.
Apply the skills and knowledge gained throughout the course.

Day 30:

Review and reflection on the course.
Discuss potential areas for further exploration and advanced projects.


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