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Arduino Internship

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STM32 Internship

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ESP32 Internship

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Delivery Time : 3 Weeks ( Note: It may Vary )

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ESP32_30Days_Course Curriculum

Day 1-2: Introduction to ESP32

What is the ESP32?
Overview of microcontrollers
Setting up the Arduino IDE for ESP32
Blinking an LED as a first project

Day 3-4: Understanding ESP32 Boards and Components

Different types of ESP32 boards
Overview of microcontrollers and peripherals
Introduction to basic components: resistors, LEDs, buttons
Practical Exercise: Building a simple circuit

Day 5-6: Programming Basics for ESP32

Understanding code and syntax
Variables, data types, and operators
Writing and uploading a simple program
Fun Project: Creating an interactive LED matrix display

Day 7-8: Digital Inputs and Outputs with ESP32

Digital pins and signals
Controlling LEDs with buttons
Building a traffic light simulation
Practical Exercise: Traffic light project with ESP32

Day 9-10: Analog Inputs and Outputs

Analog vs. digital signals
Reading analog values
Using potentiometers
Fun Project: Building a light-sensitive night lamp with ESP32

Day 11-12: Display and Visual Output with ESP32

Introduction to OLED displays
Using displays to show numbers and characters
Practical Exercise: Creating a simple weather station

Day 13-14: Sound and Music with ESP32

Basics of sound and tone generation
Using a buzzer or speaker
Creating simple tunes and melodies
Fun Project: Creating a musical alarm clock with ESP32

Day 15-16: Sensors and Actuators with ESP32

Introduction to sensors (e.g., temperature, humidity)
Connecting and reading data from sensors
Using actuators (e.g., motors, servos)
Practical Exercise: Creating a smart plant watering system with ESP32

Day 17-18: Communication between ESP32 and Computer

Serial communication basics
Reading and sending data to the computer
Using the Serial Monitor
Fun Project: Creating a real-time sensor data monitor with ESP32

Day 19-20: Wireless Communication with ESP32

Introduction to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with ESP32
Remote control and data exchange
Practical Exercise: Creating a remote-controlled car with ESP32

Day 21-22: IoT Basics with ESP32

Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT)
Connecting ESP32 to the internet
Sending and receiving data from the cloud
Fun Project: Creating a smart home automation system with ESP32

Day 23-24: Advanced Sensors and Projects

Introduction to advanced sensors (e.g., ultrasonic, gyroscope)
Integrating multiple sensors into a project
Fun Project: Creating a motion-activated camera with ESP32

Day 25-26: Web Server and Websockets with ESP32

Setting up a web server on ESP32
Introduction to websockets for real-time communication
Practical Exercise: Creating a simple web-based chat application with ESP32

Day 27-28: Bluetooth Communication with ESP32

Introduction to Bluetooth communication
Pairing and communication with other devices
Fun Project: Building a Bluetooth-controlled robot with ESP32

Day 29-30: Final Project and Showcase

Brainstorming and planning a final project
Building and presenting the final project
Course review, Q&A, and encouraging further exploration


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